What I Was Doing While I Wasn’t Blogging

January 27, 2017



I haven’t posted in over three months.

(But you already knew that.)

And, quite frankly, the whole of last year was a mess of inconstant posting.

(You probably already knew that also.)

I’m not proud of that.

But 2017 is a new year, a new chance to start over, and thankfully things in my life are finally falling perfectly into place. And that means I now have the time I have always wanted to have to dedicate to The Wanderlust Factory.

Seriously, starting today, you will notice things will be different. (Like, I’ll-actually-be-a-good-blogger different.) That means now:

  • Every month starting next week you can expect two monthly posts coming at you every other Wanderlust Wednesday. That’s a promise that I’ll do my best to uphold.
  • You will also find a daily dose of wanderlust over on my Instagram account.
  • I’ll be chatting with you guys a whole lot more on Twitter, so make sure to check there daily in case you miss any blog post or just want to be Internet friends!
  • Our Facebook group will be revived SOON! I want to have a space to discuss all things travel with you guys but also to get personal so I’ll be working over the next few months ensure our community of dreamers can thrive on Facebook.
  • My Facebook page will also be updated with new blog posts and general life rants.

But! Before we get back to our regularly scheduled program, I want to bring you up to speed on what I was doing while I wasn’t blogging (please tell me someone got that reference!). It’s only fair that you know all about the lame excuses exciting reasons that unfortunately kept me away from The Wanderlust Factory for so long. So, get ready because we’re about to get very personal:

1. I was setting up my freelance writing business

new travel blog

In June of 2016, I quit my job as a project manager at an NGO and decided to dedicate myself full-time to my freelance writing business.

How did that change things?

Well, my whole lifestyle was flipped upside down:

Instead of commuting every day to work, I started working from home.

An office once filled with people I loved to work with was replaced by my empty living room with just me, myself and my cute puppy Mali (she’s the cutest when she’s not farting).

Instead of a structured work week, I started working on an as-needed basis. That meant I could be up at 6am one day and only start working at 1pm the next (but, let’s face it, the latter never really happened). I could work Saturdays and Sundays and take my “weekends” on Tuesday and Wednesday (that actually has happened).

Add to that the fact that I turned into my own boss, accountant, HR manager, lawyer, intern, volunteer, personal assistant (the list goes on) – and you can imagine how it all got overwhelming very quickly.

Don’t get me wrong – I have been loving every minute of it! But this lifestyle change definitely took some time to adjust to and I’m only now beginning to feel some sense of normalcy again.

2. My boyfriend and I moved in together

new travel blog

I don’t usually get too personal on here, but this was a pretty major life event and I think it’s only fair to share it with you guys!

After being in a long distance relationship for 3 years, my boyfriend and I were finally reunited when he moved back to Portugal in December of 2015 and we moved in together immediately.

While we were ecstatic to finally be in the same country together (let alone in the same house together!), the move was definitely an adjustment. Our LDR had a bigger impact on our relationship than we had anticipated and we had a lot of things to work through as a couple from that.

That meant that, honestly, for a lot of 2016, I wasn’t in a mood to write happy, inspirational posts about my latest travels (even though I still did travel a bit). I also didn’t want to fill The Wanderlust Factory with overly existential blog posts about the meaning of life and love and relationships. So I made the decision to not pressure myself into posting regularly and allowing myself to only write on the blog when I felt like it (of course, I was still writing for my clients throughout the year).

My relationship with my boyfriend hasn’t always been an easy ride but it’s one I would take over and over and over again. This man has stuck with me for 7 years (7 years!) and I’m so lucky to have him as my partner, best friend, and soulmate.

(Also, we worked through everything and are back to our happy selves now!)

3. We then adopted a rescue puppy

new travel blog

Once I quit my job, my boyfriend worried that I would feel lonely working from home by myself. So we made the spontaneous decision to adopt a dog!

We had always talked about adopting dogs – we both love animals in general, and especially dogs – but we weren’t sure if we were in a stable enough position financially to commit to adopting at the time.

That apparently didn’t matter though because we did it anyways! Spontaneous decisions are the best.

We decided to adopt a rescue instead of buying a dog (#adoptdontshop!). Since one of our friends volunteers at a rescue dog shelter, it only felt right to help her out. And that’s how we ended up with Mali – a Portuguese Podengo mix with some other breed the vets can’t figure out (but who cares).

Mali was originally found on the street and spent most of her first year bouncing around temporary homes and shelters. After being severely abused by her last owners (humans can be so cruel), Mali was rescued by the police and taken to our friend’s shelter. Once there, she was adopted temporarily by a volunteer who helped her recover emotionally. And that’s when we adopted her!

She is still pretty emotionally scarred – she is a very needy dog, constantly following us everywhere and afraid of the smallest things. But every day we can see her getting better – she trusts us more, she is much more obedient and she feels safer each day.

4. My freelance business took off!

new travel blog

So, during this whirlwind of events, I somehow still managed to work and my freelance business started taking off!

In just 6 months, I started getting so much work that I had to actually turn down some offers. Potential clients started to find me and reach out to me spontaneously without me having to send out overly-thought-out cover letters to job offers that I didn’t really want in the first place.

While this was all great, it definitely had me busier than ever before! Besides the increasing workload, I also had to dedicate some time to setting up systems that ensure that business went smoothly and effectively.

Not a bad reason to have to (temporarily!) neglect a blog!


So that’s it friends! Those are the fun, sad, exciting, nerve-wracking, weird reasons I was a terrible blogger last year.

I’m sure lots of fun, sad, exciting, nerve-wracking, weird things will also come my way in 2017 but I’m determined to make The Wanderlust Factory a priority so you’re always in the know and getting your much-needed dose of wanderlust either through the blog or our social media.

Over to you now! Where did 2016 take you? What are some things you’re looking forward to in 2017?

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