I’m so happy you’re here! (See, I’m smiling in the photo from how happy I am to meet you!)

My name is Inês (that’s pronounced kind of like “eee”-“neige“). What’s yours?

Right, right, let’s cut to the chase. You’ve landed on this small corner on the internet and you’re now probably wandering what all of this is about and who’s the girl behind The Wanderlust Factory. Let me get you the short version:

The Wanderluster

In October of 1991 I was born in sunny Lisbon. It’s still my favorite city to this day, but I spent a lot of time living abroad (where all my third culture kids at!). Wait, you don’t know what a third culture kid is? Read all about how awesome we are here.

When I was 11, I moved to Canada. It was a life-changing experience. I went from living next door to my cousins and grandparents to moving across the world to a place I didn’t even know existed, where people spoke a language I didn’t understand and where temperatures dropped well below 0ºC on a regular basis. To help me cope with everything, my mom gave me my first diary. I haven’t stopped writing since!

I ended up adjusting pretty well (the amazing Canadians I met made it super easy). I learned the language in 6 months and applied to an arts school. And I got in! It was an awesome three years.

travel blog

And then we moved again.

This time I was 14, and we were going to the US. I was closer to my last home and I knew the language. But I was now starting from scratch for the second time and I got a little sad. I focused on school and sports, I made awesome friends and I was happy again.

When I finished high school and graduated, I decided it was time to go “home”. So I came back to Lisbon to attend college and complete a bachelor’s degree in Poli. Sci. and International Relations (Minor in Communications). I finished my degree, met my amazing boyfriend, but I found out Lisbon just wasn’t my “home” anymore. At least, not how it used to be. I found out I’m a third culture kid.

travel blog

So I was back on a plane again and finished my masters in Humanitarian Action in Ireland. I wanted to help change the world and make it a better place. And I thought I could do that by working in the NGO sector. Somewhere in the middle of all that, I even spent 6 weeks volunteering in India!

I came back to Lisbon after that and I soon realized one thing: as much as I wanted to fight poverty and injustice, I didn’t want to do it by working in an NGO. I love writing and I want to use my voice to show how we can each do our part in making this world a better place – no matter where we live or where we are traveling.

So now, I work as a freelance travel writer and social media manager. All of my extra time is focused on this blog and, most importantly, on you!

But what exactly is The Wanderlust Factory all about?

The Wanderlust Factory Travel Blog

travel blog

I believe that traveling is one of the strongest weapons against injustice. Even when I’ve simply gone on a short weekend getaway, I’ve come in contact with different cultures, languages, foods, ways of life. And I’ve realized one simple truth: that we are not citizens of x or y country. We are citizens of this world. We are living on this planet together, and it is up to us to make sure that we are all treated with the same dignity and respect.

That’s why I always encourage everyone to travel, as much as you can and as far as you can. I know travel is a privilege. But it is exactly because of this that those of us who can travel must do it – and that’s what this travel blog is for.

The Wanderlust Factory is the place to help you make your wanderlusting dreams a reality. You’ll find useful travel guides, hotel reviews, lots of inspiration, advice on how to fit travel into your lifestyle (including lots of tips on remote work), tips on traveling with pets (have you met my adorable puppy Mali?) and some of my personal lessons from the road.


travel blog

That’s you guys! Our community of wanderlusters welcomes you with an open heart. Even if you’ve never traveled before, if you’ve got the travel bug we’re sure you’ll fit right in. Our very own private Facebook group is the perfect place to ask for tips or share your latest stories from the road! And don’t forget to tell me where your next adventure is taking you in the comments below!


So now that you know what this is all about, let’s be friends!

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